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“You know those kind of stories where you can tell they're going to be amazing? Just from reading the blurb, I knew I was going to read something powerful. What this author did with this book was deliver such an emotionally charged book about race, survival, forgiveness and soul-searching.”

-Amazon Reviewer

Kian’s Focus

“This isn’t the first Misty Walker book I’ve read, and I know that it won’t be the last either.
Such an original, steamy and emotional story, I read the entire thing in one day!"

-Amazon Reviewer

Birdie’s Biker

“Misty Walker is a new to me author and I definitely chose the right book to start with! I LOVE Loki and Birdie's story. It's full of emotion and surprises at every turn. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful and a great testament to the adage opposites attract. I'm so glad I took this journey.”

-Amazon Reviewer


-Misty Walker, Romance Author-

Misty Walker is a USA Today Best-Selling contemporary romance author with books in multiple subgenres including, age-gap, forbidden, biker, and gay.   Romance Author Books

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