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At forty-one years old, I shouldn’t just be figuring out I’m gay.
Especially since I’m married, have my dream job, and a cushy apartment in New York City.
But here I am.

Determined to not hide anymore, I walk away from my carefully constructed life.
I accept a hospitalist position at a small facility in Brigs Ferry Bay, Maine and
start my life over again.

Ten months later, I get a phone call that changes everything.
My ex-wife died giving birth a little girl named Lane.
And I’m the father.

Suddenly, I’m drowning in diapers and bottles.
I’m overwhelmed and have no idea what I’m doing.

Until Boaz Dixon, a nurse at my new hospital, drops by to check on me.
He recognizes a man out of his element and takes pity on me.

Somewhere between feedings and naps, I fall in love.
Both with a little girl who has my eyes, and a sexy nurse who has my heart.
Boaz and Lane are my perfect forever.

That is, until my world is once again turned upside down after another phone call threatens our future together.
In order to have them both, I have to risk everything.
But they’re worth the fight.

**Doctor Daddy was a novella originally published in the Knocked Up Anthology. The story is the same but includes a never been seen before epilogue.


**While Doctor Daddy stands alone, it's part of the Brigs Ferry Bay series. 

Doctor Daddy (A Brigs Ferry Bay Novella)

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