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Biker Romance

There's something about a bad boy, am I right? And there's no badder of a boy than a member of a 1%er biker club.

Ever since I read my very dark romance, I was hooked. For a very boring mom of three, the themes were thrilling and a shock to my system in the very best way.

If I'm being honest, my biker books have been my favorite to write. There are no rules, no boundaries, and my imagination can run absolutely wild.

I dipped a little bit in the darker world of writing with Conversion but it wasn't until I dove into my Royal Bastards series that my dark heart started shining through.

Now I'm coming up on three books with the release of Bexley's Biker and I don't think I could stop if I wanted to. Each book in this series stands alone, something that was important to me because I have a terrible memory, so reading an incomplete series is impossible.

If you're looking for a book series similar to Sons of Anarchy but with a whole lot more spice and blood, give The Royal Bastards: Reno, NV a try. My boys won't let you down.


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